Finding time to tend to our own sense of physical vitality and peace of mind often takes a back seat to the many responsibilities of our lives. We commonly start with a goal, but with each passing day of no action, the goal starts to feel as if it’s further and further away, or worse…completely out of reach.

My clients, many of whom are new to yoga, are looking to rejuvenate through a health issue or disease, or are athletes in need of a workout or good stretch, but regardless of the circumstances, all have had to move through the steps of starting in order to discover the joy, health, awareness, and sense of abundance that yoga can create in life.

When I started my practice as a yoga teacher I unknowingly walked into the honor of watching my clients transform, not only their physical well being, but their view on life as well. Yoga can be sourced for fitness alone if desired, but it rarely stops there with its cultivation for a sense of wholeness.

I am a yoga teacher. I hold space for people to unfold—body, mind, and spirit. Through breath, movement, and intention, I guide people through an experience of waking up. I am adaptable, working with all sorts of physical needs, desired goals, and ages ranging from 11 – 75+. My client reach covers fitness yoga, prenatal yoga, adaptive yoga for people with Parkinson’s, Lyme disease, auto-immune disorders/inflammation, anxiety and depression, and restorative yoga for regular sports recovery programs. I offer retreats and workshops meant to deepen one’s practice and explore awareness.

Yoga is my tool. Living fully is my passion.

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